Before you freak out, read where these SUGGESTED numbers are coming from. It's a good idea to be hyper-vigilant about social distancing RIGHT NOW.

City Commissioner, Terry Cunningham, is back with more information, data and great local suggestions of how we can help our own community.

Daily Update / Tip: CDC Director Robert Redfield said on Wednesday, "… a significant number of individuals that are infected actually remain asymptomatic. That may be as many as 25%.” A study in Iceland revealed that nearly 50% of their population were asymptomatic. In plain terms, that means that a high percentage of people who have the Covid-19 virus don’t know that they are infected and never would have known
they were infected if they weren’t tested. That has significant implications for the spread of Covid-19. People tend to be more careful and considerate about isolating themselves if they are aware that they have the virus, are showing symptoms, and know that they could spread it to others.

FAQ: Q: Based on the revelation that so many people are asymptomatic potential “spreaders” of the virus, what mindset should I adopt about how I live my life in a Covid-19 world? A: That depends. If you’re a compassionate person, adopt the mindset that you might indeed have the virus and you could easily infect others. Live your life accordingly. If compassion isn’t your thing, adopt the mindset that anyone you come into contact with might have the virus and could easily infect you. Live your life accordingly. No matter the perspective – the net effect is the same. STAY AWAY FROM

Pulling Together: Bozeman Health Foundation established the Bozeman Health COVID-19 Compassion Fund to allow donors to help Bozeman Health scale their facilities and equipment, increase and support their care team to meet growing needs, and to address the economic challenges that may be faced by diagnosed
patients treated at our hospitals. For information about this fund, please email or any member of the Bozeman Health foundation team.

What Can I Do? Monitor your temperature, particularly if you are in a position where you come into contact with the public. A temperature of over 100.4 degrees warrants a closer look. Employers such as Wal-Mart are monitoring their employees by taking their temperature when they arrive for work. Keeping symptomatic employees away from the workplace is way to keep our community safe.

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