What’s it like playing violin in the Dave Matthews Band? Now DMB fans can find out, 140 characters at a time, thanks to Boyd Tinsley’s recent decision to join Twitter.

Tinsley found an eager audience waiting to hear from him; despite only joining on Monday (June 18) and tweeting a mere six times throughout the week, he’s already amassed more than 13,500 followers — something he took notice of with his second tweet, saying “thanks for all the love” and noting, “it’s cool to have so many followers so soon.”

Promising on Tuesday that he has “a lot to say,” Tinsley asked for a little patience because he was headed for a Phish concert. The following day he checked in again, saying “Phish was awesome” and adding, “I missed the first set, just like I missed my flight this morning.”

Finally home and Phish-free, Tinsley got down to business, exhorting fans to check out his new film, ‘Faces in the Mirror.’ Promising “it’s a beautiful movie,” he shared the URL for the film’s official site and asked fans to “Check it out, pass it along.”

That’s all from Tinsley for now, but we’re sure the best is yet to come from the latest DMB-affiliated Twitter account, especially with the group on the road this summer and prepping a brand-new studio album for the fall. Keep an eye on @bt_dmb for more updates.