A close friend / assistant of mine turned me onto this concept a few months ago. I'm going to call it DIS-CO shopping and let's call him....Kyle. Kyle is one of the most insightful people I know and with my obvious great taste in people to do business with, he was an obvious choice. He's a guy that appreciates the little things like; Turning the stereo system in his car to the song he wants to listen to in the morning, when he leaves the car. He also helped create the "Experiential Tipping" post a few weeks back. DIS-CO Shopping is where you take a listening device and large headphones to the supermarket, you know the headphones that cover your entire ear...Yup, those. The ear buds don't work on this one as you need maximum surround sound for full effect. You simply turn the volume all the way up, paying attention to no one with your favorite playlist and have one of the best shopping experiences of your life. I really do think everyone should try this!