I totally donated my truck to Montana PBS. I loved that truck. And now the vehicle belongs to Montana PBS because I signed the title over and a nice man picked it up on a huge multi-vehicle platform tow truck. Super easy to do. Not so easy to actually say goodbye to my old, friend.


My '86 Ford Bronco II certainly wasn't anything to brag about. Certainly not the coolest car on the road. HOWEVER, it was my chariot for the last 12 years. Does anyone even KEEP a car for 12 years anymore? Let alone one that was already used? Most of my friends don't.

Donating the vehicle seemed like the most sensible thing to do as it was coming to the end of it's reliable life. I don't really drive much in town as I live and work IN downtown. Now that it's summer, I can get away with my cruiser bike and the MOOSE Jeep when I need it.

If you've even pondered the thought of donating your vehicle....do it. (In my case I didn't have the time to even DEAL with selling it. I'd much rather have the tax write off.)


You call them. They come. Car off your hands. You get tax break paperwork in about 6 weeks. And that warm, glowy feeling that you actually did something worth a damn. For information on how to donate YOUR vehicle to Montana PBS, visit their Other Ways To Donate Page at Montana PBS.

Then you and I can get together for a beer next April. -Michelle

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