Moving to Montana (almost 4 years ago) meant leaving family 2300 miles behind. As much as I love living here, that can be difficult at times. And that realization hits you at unpredictable times, not just during traditional family holidays. So this year, I decided to return home for Easter. With Christmas and Thanksgiving getting all the family love, I don't want to forget what quality time with family does for your Easter Sunday.

I am currently typing this from my parents home in Connecticut. I've only been back about 24 hours but it already feels like I never left. I'm reminiscing in my mind with certain elements of myself that I left behind nearly 4 years ago. It's kind of a strange feeling, two slightly different versions of yourself converging on old territory.

Being here right now just feels right. It had been way too long and I really needed a hug from dear old mom. Priceless. Not only will I get an Easter with family but Mother's Day is also right around the corner and what better gift really than a heartfelt hug?

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