Unless you've been living under a rock all summer, you've probably heard about the total solar eclipse making its way across the country on August 21. Here's the best place to watch it in Montana.

Annular Solar Eclipse Observed
Getty Images

The total eclipse will be seen within a 70-mile-wide spanning across the country from Oregon to South Carolina, and although most of Montana isn't in the path of totality, there are still some places where you can go in Southwestern Montana to experience the eclipse.

According to OnlyInYourState.com, we'll see 92% of the sun blocked by the moon during the eclipse. In Billings, that rises to 93%. For Montanans, the prime viewing time will be around 11:30 a.m on August 21st. If you decide to watch, wearing protective eye wear is recommended. You can purchase them on Amazon.

To learn more about the Total Solar Eclipse, click here.


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