Don't you wish you could know what to expect before venturing off on your next hike?  Maybe you have never walked a certain trail before and want some insight before you go. By visiting the Bozone Conditions Facebook community, you can find out directly from local hikers just like you.

The page only survives if people contribute though. It's simple too, just post what your last hike was like and any information you think could be helpful to future hikers. Comment on trail conditions such as mud, rain, snow, animal sitings, lost items, found items etc. It seems like a great spot to meet fellow hikers as well! The number one contributor is Molly Ward and she does a great job of posting informative photos and reports. Let's get s'more people like her on there!

We also found this helpful page for Bozeman skiers and snowboarders called Ski Bozeman. They aim to strengthen the skiing community so the mountain becomes one big place where everybody knows your name!

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