Montana State University is back in session and it's always fun to see what classes are now being offered that either weren't around when I was in college or just were not on my radar.

My college years were simply chock full of Political Science, Physics and Skiing classes. I just didn't have the time to venture out and take a few random classes on stuff that wasn't necessarily my chosen 'path' but simply an interest.

If I were to head back to school, I'd definitely spend time taking a ton of weird classes (if they allowed me in...I get that many classes have pre-requisites.)

Putting together a slate of classes for a few years looks like an indulgent train wreck for me:

  • SFBS 429 - Small Bus & Entrepreneur Food Health (I know this is for small BUSINESS but it's cool to imagine that it's for a food truck or a food BUS...)
  • FILM 202D - Film History II: 1960s to the Present
  • ERTH 450R - Snow Dynamics and Accumulation (why on earth did I not take some of this stuff....we live in BOZEMAN for crying out loud)
  • ERTH 484 - Climates of the Past, Present and Future
  • CHIN 320IH - History of Chinese Cinema
  • NUTR 221CS - Basic Human Nutrition (Agroecology)
  • SFBS 429 - Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Food and Health (Agroecology)
  • WGSS 454 - The Study of Men & Masculinity (do we EVER really understand each other????)
  • ANTY 357 - Foragers of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • HORT 345 - Organic Market Gardening (just because I'd like to be a better gardener)
  • EMEC 447 - Aircraft Structures
  • CHTH 430 - Mental Health & Social Issues in Aging
  • GH 353 - The U.S.-Mexican Border: History, Politics and Culture
  • ANTY 337 - Sex, Gender, Sexuality Japan
  • ANTY 338 - Contemporary Pacific Societies
  • PHOT 374 - Experimental Photography
  • ANSC 205 - Intro to Meat Evaluation (BBQ lovers...perhaps a must???)
  • GEO 413 - Macroevolution/Fossil Record (because, DINOSAURS!!!)
  • SPNS 445 - Hispanic Caribbean: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic
  • BIOE 375 - Ecological Responses to Climate Change

If you went back to college (and could put together any grouping of classes you wanted), what would YOU take???

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