Yes, the new residence hall at Montana State University is "Y" shaped. But wait till you hear what the inside will hold.

Students will have access to resident meeting spaces, collaborative academic work areas, lounge space, a kitchen area (yikes!), interior and exterior secured bike storage, and a bike maintenance room, according to MSU's website.

The concept designs feel very modern with wide open spaces for students to stretch their legs and get to know each other (it almost makes my want to be a freshman again... almost).

Tracy Ellig, MSU's executive director of University Communications, explained how the design came to be.

"We had a lot of student input on the design," he said. "The design was trying... to help create these communities where students get to know each other."

Essentially, the new residency hall will have 10 communities comprised of 40 students each for a total of 400 students, according to Tracy.

And it doesn't stop there. The new building will have more than just double-person rooms. According to MSU's website, freshman will have access to single and semi-suite style rooms!

The new residency hall will be open for Fall 2016 classes. Okay, sign me up!