Cross your fingers for clear skies as there could be immense beauty in the night sky this Thursday evening. A full moon, planets and one of the brightest stars are on the table.

In the northern hemisphere, the Harvest Moon is simply the first full moon CLOSEST to the autumnal equinox, or the first day of Fall. With that definition, it can happen in September or October. This year it just happens to be the first day of October.

You'll find several different interpretations of what the symbolism is behind a Harvest Moon. Most of them reference new beginnings and celebrations/appreciations of hard work...hence the name Harvest Moon.

In addition, the Harvest Moon usually appears during or shortly after sunset. That specific timing makes for a "longer day" with the full moon lighting up the sky as the sun is setting.

What even cooler, is that we'll be able to see Mars quite clearly most of this week. Thursday night you'll be able to see a bright, reddish body very close to the moon. THAT is Mars. Mars should be easily visible for several nights at least this week, not just on the Harvest Moon Thursday. Mars will be easy to find as it's going to be "traveling" with the moon across the sky.

(NOTE: The next Full Moon will happen on Halloween this year!!) Since there will be two full moons in the month of October, the second full moon is generally referred to as the Blue Moon. AND...just in case you look up Blue Moon, you might find more than one definition. It's used for more than just "the second full moon in a month". Quite interesting!

Full Moon filtered - Michelle Wolfe

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