I don't fill up very often so the price of a gallon of regular took me by surprise this afternoon. Less than $2 a gallon? Yes. In Bozeman, Livingston, Helena and several other towns in southwest Montana.

By now you've heard of the website Gas Buddy....it helps you find the lowest price per gallon in any zip code.

(As of Sunday April 3, 2016 Montana's average price per gallon of regular was $1.99.)

Another great feature of Gas Buddy is their Trip Cost Calculator. It will not only calculate approximately how much your road trip will cost, it will tell you WHERE TO FILL UP!

For example.....if your vehicle gets 13 mpg city and 19 mpg highway:

  • Bozeman to Helena (round trip, 196 miles) = $20.42
  • Bozeman to Billings (round trip, 286 miles) = $29.30
  • Bozeman to Cheyenne, WY (round trip, 1190 miles) = $118.81
  • Bozeman to Denver, CO (round trip, 1390 miles) = $136.17
  • Bozeman to Missoula, MT (round trip, 417 miles) = $42.74
  • Bozeman to Seattle, WA (round trip, 1354 miles) = $138.51
Gas Prices/KMMS
Gas Prices/KMMS

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