Umbrella Academy creator and former My Chemical Romance frontman/recently announced solo artist Gerard Way has a huge Twitter following -- 740,000 followers -- and he's good about using it to share his comic book work. For example, he used his Twitter account as a springboard for his new comic starring cats, All Ages.

Still, he doesn't seem to be the biggest fan of the way some users abuse the social media platform. At least not according to his new comic on The Talkhouse, in which he imagines a Twitter-style conversation between two cat people in a house.

These don't look exactly like the characters from the previously-teased All Ages comic, but Way certainly seems to be getting used to drawing cats. Also, if you're a fan you may consider ways you can avoid being rude to him on Twitter. Those seem to be the takeaways here.

You can read the full comic over at The Talkhouse.


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