Every single year people are scrambling to get firewood delivered the week of the first snow. Why on earth would you wait that long if you know you're going to use it?

Not only is there a good chance that there WON'T BE anyone available to bring you any wood because they're too busy, but you may find that it's more expensive than it was just a few months prior.

Granted, stacking firewood in the middle of summer isn't pleasant. It's quite hot and slow going. (You can pay most wood delivery companies extra to stack it for you. The going rate seems to be about $100 per cord to stack it in close proximity to where it can be dumped.)

I choose to always stack it myself, or once in a while pay a friend to help. It gets stacked exactly the way I want, it's good exercise and apparently I'm cheap with certain things?

Anyway, if you know you'll be needing wood this winter...MAKE THE CALL NOW. Get that chore done. Most of us are staying at home a lot more than normal anyway so you (and the kids?) probably have time.

Trust me, there's lots of comfort in being absolutely prepared for that first good snow or cold snap. Nobody likes to scramble when it's too late.

Wood stacked

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