Gifts should always come from the heart, and not the wallet. It's the meaningful gifts that we cherish most, right? Good thing a present doesn't have to cost a lot to be meaningful. These presents actually don't cost a thing!

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    Ever heard of the music sharing website It allows you to listen to nearly any music out there - for free! This gift idea requires more than just a url to this wonderful service. First, you must create a brand new account (use an email you don't actually use.) Then log in with this new account and create a playlist full of songs that mean something to you and the special person you're giving the gift to. Maybe add a song you listened to 20 times on that car trip or the one you first danced to. You get to be creative with this part. Once the playlist is done, save it. Then make a handmade card the same size as a CD case insert. Maybe make it a pop up card! Insert the card into an old CD case and put the username and password to your new GrooveShark account and let him/her listen away! If you don't want to be completely cheap you could get them a monthly subscription to GrooveShark Anywhere so they can listen on their smart phones. GrooveShark is having a discount sale on this membership right now too!

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    Photo Slide Show

    Sometimes memories can be the best gift. Did you go on a trip recently with a friend? Maybe you went on a trip years ago but you never uploaded the photos to Facebook. Don't let those photos sit around any longer. Use a photo slide show website like and make a touching slide show that you can share with your friends or family. Smile Box asks you to sign-up in order to burn your creation to a cd or add your own music but they offer a 14 day free trial so you can cancel it as soon as you're finished.

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    Video Game

    One really addictive and fun video game is Team Fortress 2. This game which used to be 50 dollars, it has now been made free. It is compatible on Mac and PC. There are tons of other free to play games as well.

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    Celebrity Autograph

    It may cost you some patience and a couple of dollars in stamps but other than that it's free. Join a site like and find a celeb's contact info and send them something to sign. This sounds like a cool new hobby! It's a little too late to hope to get an autograph by this Christmas but if you really apply yourself you may have one for next Christmas.

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    No, not the KOHL's $10 off coupon. I'm talking about coupons you personally make with offers to do something for the receiver. For example, doing the dishes, giving a back rub, shoveling the driveway, and taking the kids to school. These coupons can have whatever stipulations attached to them but I recommend keeping it simple. The coupon never expires, the coupon can be used at anytime, the coupon can be used in conjunction with multiple coupons, and the coupons are non transferable. Have fun with it, but be sure to not make a coupon that you would never follow through on.