My first Father's Day is this Sunday and because my daughter is only two months old (and she doesn't know me THAT well yet), I thought I'd provide her with some gift ideas. Here's a short list of some great gifts for under $50 (she seems to be kind of a slacker, she doesn't have a job yet either).

  • A "Pick Puncher" - sells what basically looks like a stapler, but it punches guitar picks out of anything made of plastic! They're only $24.95.
  • The "Daddle" - I thought she would appreciate this one. This is a saddle dads wear on their back so their kid can ride them like they're a horse without falling off (can't let any neighborhood kids see that or else I'm charging!) Available on for $40.
  • A Branding Iron for the Grill - You know, like what ranchers use to brand cattle...but for burgers and steaks (which I guess is still technically cattle). What an awesome gift for only $20, has them in every letter from A to Z.

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