Did you ever wake up from a dream that was so intense and elaborate in plot that it left you flat out impressed with your brain? I laid awake in bed this morning during the early hours after such a dream in awe of the capacity of my coordinating center and then thought (to my brain), why do you only function at a mere fraction of your potential during the day when I need you most?

We've all heard the theory that us humans only use around 10 percent of our brains, but I thought that was just a myth. That was until I awoke from this dream. It was one of those dreams that I wasn't actually in. I was basically in a movie theater watching the best action thriller I've ever seen. I should have made some notes early this morning as I struggled to get back to sleep with a nice coat of sweat on me because I've already forgotten so much. Here's what I remember:

Two humans were trying to kill someone who appeared human, but in the process it was revealed (to me, the audience member) that the hunted was some sort of machine (a terminator if you will). The humans had advanced weapons for the occasion which looked like futuristic guns. The precious ammo inside consisted of petroleum (that they had to extract and heat with another fuel that most of the world didn't know existed). The previous scene uncovered an intense covert meeting with the Russians to obtain this other fuel for which we had to give up some of our aviation engineering designs. The final chase that I eventually woke up from was so profound with the most amazing CGI (naturally) I've ever seen that I could never do it justice in trying to explain its awesomeness here (I'm far too conscious for that). My brain only impresses me when I sleep. It has revealed its potential, and I shall work on being a better captain. Good day.