Montana has a lot to offer.  Beautiful mountain vistas, pristine rivers, creeks, crystal clear lakes, and wildlife for days. However, another thing that Montana is famous for is its Ghost Towns.

Ghost Towns take us back to a time gone by when we not only get to learn about how people once lived but can see it first hand.  There are several towns around Montana that no longer have residents, however, the building remains a testament to the people that are part of the foundation of this great state.

In many ways, it's a history lesson that has come to life.

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Located in the western part of Montana, and east of Missoula you will find the well-preserved town of Garnet. The town was named after the garnet stone that was found in the area and is set high in the mountains.

Ghost Town in Cody, Wyoming

Like many towns in Montana, Garnet was founded back in the 1860s as folks came here to search for gold. According to Legends of America, during the height of the Gold Rush:

"Garnet had four hotels, four stores, two barbershops, a butcher shop, a doctor’s office, laundry facilities, and thirteen saloons."

While there was a fair share of all of the underbelly activity that you would expect in a mining town, it was for the most part controlled. One of the things that made Garnet different than the other mining towns in Montana is there was a school so that the children could get an education and that also made the town very family friendly.

So just how well preserved is Garnet? Check out this video below of a tour of the little Montana Ghost Town.

After the gold ran out, Garnet soon became a Ghost Town, however, you can still go and visit the once-booming little town for a chance to see and remember days gone by.

If you're curious about the town or want to plan a trip, check out the official website

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