At approximately 7:45 p.m. on Thursday, June 21, authorities were notified of a motor vehicle pursuit Broadwater County Deputies were involved in on US 287 in Broadwater County.

The suspect vehicle was a silver Ford Taurus travelling southbound towards Interstate 90 at speeds of 100 miles per hour. Once the chase reached the Interstate it turned eastbound towards Gallatin County.

Officers attempted to use tire deflating devices near mile marker 294 to stop the suspect vehicle but were unsuccessful.

A Gallatin County Deputy, and other MHP Troopers attempted to stop the suspect vehicle by following it with emergency lights and sirens activated as the vehicle exited on Amsterdam Road towards Belgrade.

The suspect vehicle continued to recklessly attempt to flee by exceeding the posted speed limits, failing to stop at traffic lights and stop signs, and passing other vehicles in no-passing zones.

As the chase approached the west edge of the city limits of Bozeman on East Valley Center Road, Bozeman Police Officers set up additional tire deflating devices on the roadway. Before reaching those officers, the suspect vehicle turned north into a business driveway, and traveled through an extremely muddy parking lot and then into a grassy field.

The suspect vehicle then accelerated back towards Interstate 90 and was driven through the fence adjacent to I-90. The vehicle became disabled when it struck an irrigation ditch.

The suspect immediately exited the vehicle and raised his hands to surrender. The suspect was then arrested and taken into custody.

The suspect was identified by his MT ID card as 25-year-old Ryan Scott Broadbrooks of Billings, Montana. A check of the defendant's license status revealed that it was suspended. The vehicle was reported stolen in Helena earlier in the day.


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