The Museum of the Rockies is another one of our local treasures we take for granted, at least I do. Some new staff members arrived earlier this week and will be available to the viewing public today. Check out the new frog exhibit now through Labor Day at the museum.

A new live exhibit jumped into Museum of the Rockies today and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak inside the frog exhibit before it opened to the public.

At first glance it wasn't easy to spot the frogs in their habitats at the Frogs, Chorus of Colors at the museum. The amphibians arrived this past Wednesday and for the last few days zookeeper Sandy Mangold has been making sure their habitats are just right. This includes checking temperatures, humidity and especially their water.

Mangold explained, "We have to monitor water quality ‘cause these guys are very sensitive to nitrates and stuff like that, it's like a really expensive fish tank."

Museum of the Rockies Director Shelley McKamey said she was very excited for the frog exhibit to arrive because they had such a great response a few years back with one focusing on reptiles.

There is a wealth of information available to learn all about these amphibious creatures from eating habits and mating rituals to their life cycle.

Mangold said she has one piece of advice for museum goers.

"Just look at each individual species of frog and really understand their habitat. Some of them are tree frogs so they love to hang out up high, some of them really like to hide, but really take each uniqueness of each frog into consideration and why they're actually here on the planet," she said.

The frog exhibit opens this evening to museum members and tomorrow for the general public. It will be here through Labor Day.

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