I have watched family, friends, people I don't even know get stuck in the crazy world of drug use. Watching it tear apart families is so incredibly heart-wrenching. I look back on my life, I can not help but think about how grateful I am that I never got in the dark hole that is so terribly hard to get out of. It just breaks my heart watching drugs take over so many towns, states, and communities.


People like numbers because they like to know the realism behind drug use. They also do not like to know, because some people like to think that "drugs aren't bad in my state" or "not in my town". Well here is a little reality check, drugs are everywhere and they affect 1 out of 3 people worldwide.


Where does Montana compare to other states when it comes to Opioid Deaths?


With drug use, the number of suicides also increases. This rise in numbers in Montana alone tells me that there is clearly a shortage of Mental Health Help. I recently spoke to a public school in Bozeman, the rise of suicidal thoughts among children is on the rise.


People often forget about the fact that alcohol is a drug and is also one of the easiest ones to access. Think about it, how many of us have a beer or wine sitting in the fridge or in the wine rack on the counter?


Although as you can see above the percentage of people who check into rehab, there are different sources and hotlines to contact. There is help. There is a way out. Drugs do not have to be the end.


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