The coolest Bozeman 'old timers' often started their love affair with Montana by working in Yellowstone National Park. Here's how to find job openings for the summer:

If you'd like to meet a diverse group of people this summer, perhaps a gig in Yellowstone is for you. People from all over the country and many other countries across the world spend their summers working in the Park.

Every summer, Yellowstone National Park hires around 3,500 workers for maintenance, food service, lodging and camp grounds.

  • low-cost meals in cafeteria-style dining rooms, including vegetarian options and a full salad bar
  • FYI: several different housing options from new to historic, but BY FAR the most common housing option is dorm living which is low cost
  • work and interact with people from across the world
  • Yellowstone is the perfect place for easy going, social people who love being in nature during their free time (and sometimes their work time!)
  • many of the everyday costs you have back home, disappear
  • low cost medical services are available to employees (it's important to understand what's available and what's not)


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