I was busy clicking on video after video hoping for something to catch my interest if not for a few moments when I saw the title of this video, 'Biggest Fox News Error In History.' I just had to click to see the video.

This YouTuber gained 33,000 views over night and has accumulated a total of over 14,000,000 views. How did this high schooler do it? He explains in the description of the video and also gives a bit of wisdom some YouTube users forget to realize.

Now that I'm rounding 10 million views, I've decided to update the description for this video. I made this a few years ago as a homework assignment for a class. It was to come in the next day with your best attempt at a "viral video". I noticed videos showing faults in fox news got a crazy amount of hits, so I grabbed my camera and threw this together in 10 minutes. I figured it didnt have to be funny, it didnt have to be clever, it just had to say "Fox News Mistake" and have a Bill O'Reilly thumbnail for people to want to click on it.

I tagged names associated with cable news and the Imus's racist comment story(which was just blowing up) to ride the wave of that newsstory.

My professor hated it until I showed her we had over 33,000 views the first day... beating the second place video, which had under a hundred. She still hated it (but gave me a passing grade).

I forgot about the video until recently when I noticed how many views it accumulated. I was surprised considering people stopped searching for the imus story after a few weeks.

I do feel kinda bad about waisting 10,000,000 minutes of the worlds time. Thats like 20 years. We could've cured cancer!

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