It's just a minute and a half, but can a quick local film change your life? It certainly can if it gets your ass off the couch and onto the trail. Nate Kenney might just have the magic touch, but judge for yourself.

The short film is called "The Hardest Step" and is seriously just a minute and a half. It's filled with cool, local footage...obviously focused on trail running. (How can someone make such a hard sport look so enticing???)

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The credits on the short film are as follows:

  • Cinematographer and Editor: Nate Kenney
  • B-Camera Operator: Jordan Lawerence
  • Runner: Jeanine Dalimata

"The Hardest Step is a short running film about making the first step of the day. Jeanine Dalimata took us out running on a particularly smoky summer morning the Bridger mountains outside of Bozeman."

I'm a brand new Nate Kenney fan, as I took a look at some of his other film work. It's all gorgeous and mostly outdoor sport related. As of this writing, it appears he's got over 70,000 views on his YouTube channel which ain't too shabby. (Let's work on getting him a few more!)

Taking a peek at some of Nate's other work, you'll quickly get a feel for his vibe. One of my favorites is a 5 minute video he did about caving in the Beartooth mountains. It's simply called "Below: Caving in Montana".

And just one more...if you want to see the new mixed climbing route up Hyalite, Nate was there to catch that too with Matt Cornell, Conrad Anker, and Whitney Stowe.

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