Every year, without fail, my March Madness bracket looks stellar after the first round of games (it looks like I actually watch college basketball closely). Unfortunately, the next round begins...and my horses all go down. It's happening again this year! As I type this, my bracket reads 17 out of 21 correct picks.

I kid you not, this is the third or fourth year in a row that it's gone down like that (I really have to find a first round-only tournament). Technically, it hasn't happened yet this year but I'm really not getting my hopes up. Either way, I love March Madness. It's crazy, I don't watch college basketball all year but then this tournament starts and I don't want to miss a single game.

Here's a quick tip for those out there like me who love the madness but are in a relationship with someone who doesn't. You have to do a relationship pool. Print out two brackets before the games begin and each fill one out (with a wager on the line). I'll let you decide the prize, but even a friendly competition will spark some mutual interest in the tournament. Years ago my wife hated March Madness, and now here we are sitting together watching it (I think I just saw a fist pump in my peripheral).