Ever want to check out for a while? See the country and be completely "away" from your normal life? How about hiking the Continental Divide? THIS is what that trek looks like.

This quick time lapse shows exactly what the hike of a lifetime looks like when you start at the border of Mexico and walk north, all the way to Canada.

Where exactly does the Continental Divide cross through Montana? According to Wikipedia:

The Divide crosses into the United States in northwestern Montana, at the boundary between Waterton Lakes National Park and Glacier National Park.

In Canada, it forms the western boundary of Waterton Lakes National Park, and in the US bisects Glacier National Park. Further south, the Divide forms the backbone of the Rocky Mountain Front (Front Range) in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, heads south towards Helena and Butte, then west past the namesake community of Divide, Montana through the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness to the Bitterroot Range, where it forms the eastern third of the state boundary between Idaho and Montana.

Here's our four minute daydream escape from everyday life, courtesy of the guys from HalfwayAnywhere.com:

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