If you were listening to The MOOSE Morning Show on Friday, you know that I made the annual bet on the Bobcat/Griz game with Angel. She runs the rock radio station The Blaze over there. She also runs her mouth. This year, we upped the ante and bet not only tattoos of the winning team but a night on the town for the winner on the loser's turf.It was a good year to up the ante, clearly. I probably won't take Angel up on my night on the town in Missoula until the Spring but when I do she'll be paying for cocktails, a nice dinner and a hotel room for the night. Not a bad bet to make when you're 99% sure that you'll win.

Even though she didn't get a real tattoo, she is sporting a fairly large Bobcat Love drawing on her arm for the entire day. Angel wearing that tattoo in Missoula is ALMOST as bad as me wearing a Griz jersey around Bozeman, which I had to do last year. -m


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