Local businesses are still suffering from the lack of foot traffic, even after a pretty busy tourist season. If you want to support local businesses, consider going on a t-shirt or hoodie spree.

No matter if it's your favorite restaurant, local bar, a Bozeman based artist, musician or tour guide...perhaps order some of their gear if you're not ready to fully engage. Everybody is in a different headspace these days. Some are absolutely ready for 'normal', some are remaining quite vigilant about staying home.

It doesn't matter which group you fall into. We all want to support our local business owners, especially when we know how hard things are right now. No need to explain your reasons for staying home.

Ordering take-out has been a fantastic way to continue supporting restaurants AND getting your fave burritos (or whatever). Buying locally crafted beer and spirits is also another good option.

But let's also remember all the local bands, artists, makers and other businesses that have taken an enormous financial hit due to COVID-19.

Plan ahead for Christmas this year by purchasing local wares. Hopefully the holidays are filled with truly thoughtful gifts this year instead of the "buying stuff just to buy stuff" routine.

  • T-shirts, hoodies, hats, pint glasses from bars and restaurants
  • Gear, merch and (paid for) downloaded albums from local musicians
  • Venmo local musicians too!
  • Browse the websites and Facebook pages of local craftsmen and artists.
  • Buy local art!
  • Locally made chocolates, baked goods or booze
  • Gift cards always work too, now more than ever.
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