Don't feel bad if you're not sure but don't waste another minute. It's insanely easy to see if you're registered to vote so let us lead you there.

Election Day 2020 is on November 3rd. However you decide to vote (whether in person or by mail), save yourself some time later by checking now IF YOU'RE REGISTERED TO VOTE.

I promise only takes 30 seconds to check your voter registration status.

The easiest way to check is by visiting (I even went there to triple check!)

It only requires you to plug in your most basic of information such as name and address. In a matter of seconds you'll be told if you're registered to vote or not.

The 2018 mid-term election had a surprisingly good turnout with a voting rate of 53%. (That's only eight percentage points less than the 2016 presidential election turnout!)

Montana had a 65.9% voter turnout in 2016! Only a few other states had higher turnouts than Montana, such as Maine and Wisconsin. (This is according to

Montana has only an 7.6% point difference between the percentage of those who are registered to vote and those that actually DID vote. Not too shabby. (Being registered to vote doesn't mean much if you don't actually cast your vote.)

  • The following numbers show the Voting Age Population and the PERCENTAGE of the VAP that voted in past elections:
  • 1996: 196,789,000 and 49.0% of that number voted
  • 2000: 209,787,000 and 50.3% of that number voted
  • 2004: 219,553,000 and 55.7% of that number voted
  • 2008: 229,945,000 and 57.1% of that number voted
  • 2012: 235,248,000 and 54.9% of that number voted
  • 2016: 250,056,000 and 55.5% of that number voted
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