I have been on a mission to find a cool lunchbox for several months. Yes a lunchbox, the old school metal ones with the thermos. You'd think they'd have a website that produced and delivered new (old) lunchboxes but I couldn't find one. Well there is a place in town that sells them and there is now a new cool kid at school!

I don't want to say where I found my lunchbox so I can hang on to my cool kid status for a little while. You may think it's corny to have a lunchbox but I clearly don't. I wasn't overly impressed with the selection but I went with a lunchbox and thermos featuring Robert Rodriquez and Quentin Tarantino's double Grindhouse feature they came out with a few years ago (Planet Terror and Death Proof).

Hey, I'm also doing my part for the environment (I'm embarrassed to say I used to bring my lunch in a plastic bag). I'm now bringing my own environmentally friendly bags into the grocery store and, as far as I'm concerned, going to work in style. I no longer have any need for plastic bags.

All of this makes me extremely happy, it really does. I'm proud to genuinely report it doesn't take much. It's the little things. Life is good!

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