The roads are way more slick than you think today. Dozens of crashes and slide-offs are affecting travel on the I-90 corridor. Please know that commute time is going to require patience.

Really, these roads are no joke. The interstate is quite bad but in-town roads are very slick. The perfect amount of snow has fallen to be compacted into a thin sheet of ice, making intersections especially dangerous.

Showers are expected to continue on and off overnight Thursday into Friday morning hours.

(The map shown was accurate as of 2pm on Thursday, November 11th via the Montana Department of Justice.) Thankfully, there were far more non-injury accidents and slide offs than accidents with injuries.

Here is a wider view of the accident map, showing most of the state:

We can also take a peek at the Montana Department of Transportation webcams on the Bozeman Pass to see how much snow had fallen by early afternoon. Doesn't look like a ton of snow, but just enough to make things dangerous.


The evening commute on Thursday is going to require A LOT of patience. You'll be going slower whether you like it or not due to accidents and temporary lane closures. Take your time and slow down.

photo: Michelle Wolfe

All the basics apply today for sure: make sure your headlights are on at all times while driving. Give the car in front of you plenty of space. You're going to need that space if you need to us.

Remember that the large trucks kick up a lot of snow and their blind spots are large. Give them plenty of space today. Use extra caution with the onramps and such. Be careful out there!

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