Wanna REALLY have some fun? Surf the Clark Fork and hang out on Brennan's Wave in late July.

Missoula really does offer some spectacular summer fun and we try to make it over there about once a month.

This particular video captures VARIOUS ways to have fun on this stretch of the Clark Fork River.

Video credit to Matt Corritone, who had this to say about the day:

The Z-Town Surf Crew, lots of tubers, kayaks, rafters, and SUP's enjoying a Hot summer day on the Clark Fork.


We may not be graced with the grandeur of the Ocean, but we do have some of the finest water around.


Creeks,Lakes, Rivers, and Streams, Montana has too many wonderful waterways to easily describe.


In the heart of Missoula, Filmed by myself, and Ms.K Edited poorly by Moi.


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