Yes, it was pretty bad and kind of a miracle nobody was hurt. 800 Block of West Villard (and North 8th).

The apartment building that caught fire is in my neighborhood  and I haven't seen that many fire trucks and emergency vehicles in one place since downtown blew up.
It was about 10:45pm when the crazy swarm of sirens converged on our 'hood. Lots of people outside (including me) because it was just so damn loud you couldn't ignore it. Surrounding buildings were evacuated too. I saw them raise the ladder truck and get that older lady out of the third floor. It was pretty amazing and humbling. Bozeman is very lucky to have such talented and dedicated firefighters.
Seemed like everything was under control......then round 2 came at midnight. Another round of sirens and respondents because the fire kicked back up (what appeared to be) bigger and badder this time.
The chaos lasted until about 2am, but there were still FD on scene this morning when I left for work at 5:30am mopping up hot spots or just making sure the damned thing was out. Absolutely amazing nobody was injured. 12 apartments going up in flames is a large ass fire.

That's MY take, and again...thank you to the BFD and surrounding departments. Y'all rock.