As property values continue to spike across Bozeman, some businesses are finding themselves left out in the cold.

As a result, a long-standing community-oriented business, 4 Corners Thrift Store is looking for a new home.

On Monday, January 28, owner Linda Thompson received a 30-day notice to vacate the premises. Thompson has owned the thrift store in Four Corners for over 15 years. During that time, she has not only ran the business but has also been instrumental in providing support for those in need in the community.

Thompson informed us in a phone call that the owner of the building intends to sell the property.

One example of that was when she gave away a TempurPedic bed to a man that had recently moved to Bozeman. The man had been shot and as a result was unable to walk without the assistance of a cane. Thompson took it upon herself to help the man find items to furnish his home free of charge.

In order to further support the community, Thompson consistently gives away items for free or at greatly discounted prices to those in need or with children.

In another example, customer Josh Marchall recalls Thompson giving him a discount on an item in the store so that he still had enough money to buy a dozen eggs at the grocery store.

Four Corners Thrift Store has also helped various community organizations such as HRDC, Vision Beyond Borders, Gallatin County Love Inc., and others.

According to one customer, Thompson is "one of the kindest, most selfless people I have ever met and I know she has touched countless lives throughout the Gallatin Valley."

Thompson is currently in the process of finding a new location for the thrift store, although she admits that is a daunting task considering she only has 21 days to find a new location.

Thompson also stated that due to limited funding and slim profits, that it will be nearly impossible to provide help to those in need at a new location without some financial aid.

In an effort to help fund the move, and keep the store open in a new location, Four Corners Thrift Store has set out jars at the cash register to accept donations.

A GoFundMe Page has also been set up to help raise funding for the move.


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