The Robin. The Burrito Shop. Manny's. The list is long and lengthy with plenty of memories for these Bozeman businesses that aren't around anymore. It's OK to reminisce, so we did...

When we asked folks what businesses they missed in Bozeman, the responses came in a flurry. It was actually a great walk down memory lane for those people who have been in the the area for decades...or their whole life!

Here's just a sampling of the responses we got to "What Restaurant, Bar or Business do you Miss in Bozeman?"

  • Montana Fat's
  • Grum's sandwich shop by Big R (Murdoch's)
  • High Country Donuts
  • Rethreads
  • Campus Square Theaters
  • The Robin Lounge
  • Tom's Green Grill or 4B's downtown, where you could go grab breakfast after the bars closed!
  • I kinda miss the Hinky Dinky
  • the bead store at Rouse & Main
  • Almost forgot the Army/Navy store!
  • I think it was called Ferrells ice cream parlor. It was where Ferraros was (now Midtown Tavern)....wait...It was Lair's Ice Cream Parlor first and then it changed to Frederick's.
  • Geyser Park, Village Inn Pizza and Yogurt Heaven
  • Barrell Mountaineering
  • Skateland, on Huffine and before that it was some kind of mini golf place.
  • and of course Manny's at the barmuda triangle
  • CNFR leaving was the single biggest change in Bozeman in the 40 years I've been here. Bozeman was "Home of the College National Finals Rodeo". We were still western when the CNFR was here.

We'll put out a 2nd edition of this list...we got so many responses. As with most mountain towns, Bozeman has certainly changed a lot. Some for the better, some for the worse. We'll be quite curious to see the results of the 2020 Census on our area, that's for sure!

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