According to the Bozeman Police Department, a man was stabbed at the Holiday Inn Express (2305 Catron Street) in Bozeman in the early hours of Tuesday, June 19.

Officers were dispatched to the Holiday Inn Express for a male who was reportedly stabbing himself. The reporting party advised that there was a guest in the lobby that was bleeding from the neck, and that he had two knives.

When officers arrived, they found a shirtless man on the ground bleeding. The male was holding two knives in his left hand. Officers ordered the man to drop the knives, to which he complied. The shirtless male was then detained, and a responding officer began applying pressure to the knife wound.

As the suspect was being detained, he told officers to arrest his stepson, who was later identified as Yifan Li. There was a language barrier as the male spoke only broken English. The male stated that Li had stabbed him, and he grabbed the knives from him. The victim was transported to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital.

Officers then proceeded to speak to a witness, Lanfen Li, who is the victim's wife and Li's mother. Lanfen advised officers than Li was upset because she would not give him the password to a computer. Lanfen stated that Li then grabbed a knife and stuck it in her face. It was at that time the victim intervened and attempted to get the knife from Li.

According to the report, Li then began stabbing the victim. At that point, Lanfen ran towards the front desk yelling, "Call 911." The victim followed behind shirtless and bleeding, with two knives in his hands.

Attempts to speak with Li were made, but the suspect did not speak English. Li was then placed under arrest for assault with a weapon. The suspect was transported to the Gallatin County Detention Center and is being held on no bond.


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