Gold … absolute gold. Rock icon Marilyn Manson recently sat down with broadcasting legend Larry King for an unforgettable interview in King's online talk show, 'Larry King Now.'

Larry King isn't the hippest of cats, in fact, he may be described by some as a jive turkey, but King's demeanor and unfamiliarity with Marilyn Manson makes for fantastic entertainment. Manson as a conversationalist is on-point as always and the Antichrist Superstar tackled the topics of being blamed for school shootings, his thoughts on Kanye West (who may or may not have sampled 'The Beautiful People' for the song 'Black Skinhead'), the possibility of getting married and much more.

King opened this edition of his web series by asking if Marilyn Manson was "a villain or just vilified?" before getting into it with the man himself. Unfortunately, King didn't quite maintain the same eloquence with his next question, this time directed specifically at Manson. "Did you endorse mass shootings?" King asks. "No, absolutely not," Manson replies before going into why exactly he was dressed as a target by various groups following the Columbine shootings an how it put Manson's career on hold.

On a lighter note, Larry King asked Manson to bestow upon him his very own stage name, which led to Manson dubbing the host, Salvador Dolly Parton.

Check out Marilyn Manson's full interview with Larry King in the video above!

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