Shia LaBeouf created some real-life drama on Friday night at the L.A. club The Box when he suffered an apparent meltdown. La Beouf began spitting water at the other revelers at his table, including girlfriend Karolyn Pho and shock rocker Marilyn Manson, his co-star in the upcoming film, ‘Born Villain.’

An eyewitness told Life & Style that Manson tried to calm LaBeouf down, but that just seemed to further enrage the 25-year old, who began screaming at Pho and then forced his way through the crowd and to the door.

“Shia had to climb over people and tear himself out of the grasp of various strangers who were trying to keep him from going crazy,” reports the source.

For their part, LaBeouf’s camp claims the actor was just leaving the club early, and no altercation occurred.

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