Last night (Oct. 27), another awesome episode of 'The Walking Dead' hit our televisions. Much like the zombies themselves, 'Walking Dead' followers drooled, stumbled and craved blood. In those cases however, it was to catch the show's newest episode, 'Isolation.' Although the highly emotional installment of the AMC original series sparked much fan discussion, Marilyn Manson's appearance on 'Talking Dead' lit up the Internet during its broadcast directly after the latest 'Walking Dead' episode concluded.

'Talking Dead,' hosted by comedian / Nerdist guru Chris Hardwick, welcomed not only Marilyn Manson into its panel discussion, but Jack Osbourne and 'Walking Dead' producer Gale Anne Hurd. Although 'Talking Dead' had a couch full of guests, Manson was undoubtedly the focal point of the broadcast, creating an intriguing level of discomfort between himself and Hardwick. Marilyn Manson's appearance blew up social media outlets such as Twitter, where Marilyn Manson was trending strongly during the 'Talking Dead' airing.

Here are just a few of Manson's golden moments from his 'Talking Dead' guest appearance, many of which involve uncomfortable responses by Hardwick [via]:

Manson: According to your theory, which I’ve heard previously, that they [zombies] don’t defecate. If they poop it would smell a lot like my bathroom.”

Manson: I’m just saying she [Carol] looks like Jamie Lee Curtis. It’s like the salt and pepper hair. It made me think of Activia.

Manson: Rick’s made the mistake of trying to save other people’s children, and it affected him losing his wife. Then, you have Shane, who I like to call criminally eary, because his ear looks criminal. There’s an old study about the shape of people’s ears makes them criminal or not.
Hardwick: We are deep diving today.

Manson: I think she’s [Carol] trying to be judge and jury, while Rick is trying to be civil. And he’s more let’s all decide, but he fell apart. And so you’ve got someone like her, and she’s burning those bodies. She’s suddenly like a feminist Suffragette City burning bras. I don’t think it was personal.
Hardwick: I don’t know if burning bras is the same as burning human beings alive.

Manson: She [Carol] was just making decisions on her own emotions. She’s mad about all the things in her life. Maybe, she hasn’t gotten laid in awhile. She’s like menstruating. Who knows what’s going on?
Hardwick: I’m not sure if I support those last two theories.

Manson: Literally, like Rick’s a farmer. He should have one of those John Deeres and just drive their [zombies'] legs off. Then, they can’t walk.
Hardwick: Yeah, you’re right. This show just suddenly doesn’t work for me anymore, because he doesn’t have a giant John Deere that he’s driven in the prison.
Manson: Well, he’s a farmer.
Hardwick: He’s not really a farmer. He’s a cop, who’s like I want to sow some crops today because I’m sad because my wife and stuff.
Manson: But instead of artichokes, he could…a tractor…just drive like Caligula-style the legs off.
Hardwick: No, I disagree, except for the Caligula part.

Manson: The difference between Rick and The Governor is The Governor did have his small community locked down in more of like a Hitler-type situation, where they all were afraid of him, and he ruled by fear.
Hardwick: You had me until Hitler.

Manson: The Governor had strict rules, whether they were good or not. You know, it’s our opinion, morally or just questionably. Just Rick didn’t have any hardcore rules, until now he’s started with those three questions. So Rick is kind of realizing politics need to be involved. It’s almost starting a new world. It’s like when people came to America and killed all the Indians. It’s the zombies.
Hardwick: No, it’s not like that at all.

Manson: Can I make a strong prediction? Michonne and Daryl [makes scissors coming together with his hands].
Hardwick: You think Michonne and Daryl are going to scissor each other?
Manson: I think they are going to hook up.

Manson: [On who is feeding rats to the zombies] I think it’s Carol’s daughter.
Hardwick: No, no, Sophia? I don’t think so. I think they wrapped that one up. [Note: Sophia died in Season Two]

To give Manson some credit, he did raise some truly interesting interpretations and predictions for 'The Walking Dead.' To check out more Manson gold, head over to

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