On Monday’s Talk Back radio talk show, Colonel Tom Butler, Commander of the Montana Highway Patrol shared news about the condition of Trooper Wade Palmer who was critically wounded by gunfire Thursday night near Evaro.

“The family has asked that all the medical updates go through the hospital, but the one thing than I can say is that he is still in critical condition, but he is stable,” said Colonel Butler. “This is going to be a long, slow road ahead for Trooper Palmer. The nature of the head injury that he sustained is such that it’s going to be a long time before we really understand the long term implications. Critical, but stable is the report from this morning.”

Butler explained why Trooper Palmer had to be Life-Flighted to Salt Lake City.

“Certainly, the care that he received in Missoula at St. Patrick Hospital when I was over there early Friday morning was excellent, but I believe the size of the hospital and the region the university covers in Salt Lake, they deal with many more of these types of injuries, and they have a specialized unit down there to deal with these, so I believe that was part of the thinking of why he was transferred down there to Salt Lake City,” he said.

Lindsey Palmer, the wife of Trooper Wade Palmer, shared the following statement on Monday, March 18th, 2019:

“I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Montana and Utah for all of their support, and to all of the caring people throughout the nation that have offered prayers and positive messages. To all of the brothers and sisters in blue, words cannot express the appreciation we have for all that you have done and for reaching out. We are holding strong and the continued aid is greatly appreciated. Knowing that our communities are coming together at our time of need is a great comfort. It gives us the ability to focus our attention on Wade and family which is the most important thing at this time. Hold the line. Stay strong.”

Trooper Wade Palmer continues to receive care in Salt Lake City.

The Montana Department of Justice’s investigation into the Evaro Hill shooting is still in progress.




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