So, yeah. I'm vaccinated, boosted and still very careful. Yet here I am, positive for COVID-19 and VERY SYMPTOMATIC, by the way. Let me take you on the tour of what has happened.

DAY 1: Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022: I was was tired when I woke up but did NOT feel the least bit sick. When I got to the MOOSE studio, I was absolutely freezing but it actually was -5 outside so I figured that made sense. The space heater wasn't cutting it at all, even with it being on full blast and the door closed. This just didn't seem normal.

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After sending a quick email, I headed home very early just to be safe in case I was getting a fever. And yes, my body was working on a massive fever that would show itself in just a couple hours.

By 11am, I had a temperature of 102.6 and it stayed there for several hours. The ibuprofen finally kicked in and the rest of the night the fever hung out around 100.5. Still not great but better?

All afternoon and all evening until I finally fell asleep, I had the fairly gnarly fever and FELT absolutely freezing. The couch was a huge nest of blankets for me and the cat. There just wasn't a way to feel warm.

My breathing has been just fine, thankfully, but I've got a minor painful cough. I haven't lost my appetite one little bit. In fact, I ate a ton of snacks on Wednesday along with the copious amounts of ice water.

The body aches have been the absolute worst. They made it difficult to sleep which was a bummer. They're BAD, like arthritic sort of pain. Hips, elbows, knees. Very strange. The body aches and the fever are still here on Day 2, but I'll give a full report on that later. Stay tuned, and take good care of yourself.

photo: Michelle Wolfe
photo: Michelle Wolfe

(The cat at the end of the couch has not left me since I came home on Wednesday.)

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