These posts are simply to compare symptoms with others who have fallen ill with COVID-19. The good news: Day 2 also had food delivery from Fabers and tons of garbage TV. The fever and body aches are still my biggest problem.

Day 2: Thursday, February 3rd, 2022: Quite frankly, Day 2 wasn't much better than Day 1 but I tried to make the best of it.

I won't lie, though. I feel disgusting since suffering from a pretty decent fever for the last two days. You know what that's like. You get sweaty on and off all day. You're too tired to do much, but washing your face and changing your clothes don't quite cut it.

The fever and the exhaustion is no joke here. It's crucial to keep that fever under control. (For the last two days, mine has fluctuated between 100.5 and 102.6.)

Sleep is elusive. Being 'uncomfortable' seems to be a very common symptom. Whether that's the body temperature issues or the body aches, don't expect to get any good sleep.

My best piece of advice so far? As soon as you feel like you have a strong enough window...go take a shower. Even a super quick one. Trust me, you're disgusting. And throw a few of your couch blankets into the washer. Nesting in dirty, sweaty blankets ain't going to do you any good. I know you don't feel good but consider this 20 minutes of important disinfecting.

One of my biggest concerns has been not to get G sick...and so far so good. We're still in the same house but trying to stay away from each other as much as possible. Lysol wiping surfaces and high traffic areas have been something I'm doing every time I get up. Just pick a few areas and wipe that stuff down.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE ABOUT THE GALLATIN VALLEY: After publishing my blog yesterday about testing positive, I was flooded with texts from good friends who have also recently battled COVID-19. And not in a minor way. Days on end have been spent in bed, oxygen levels have needed to be monitored, fevers were scary high, and weeks of productivity were out the window.

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