I'm pretty sure that if it sounds like it's bad for you or might actually induce a heart attack...I'll enjoy eating it. Who wouldn't? So in my next cooking venture I thought it only appropriate to attempt something that required an entire pint of heavy whipping cream.

Now for the stupid part.

I certainly didn't write anything down in terms of creating a recipe, but since you probably know how to cook already....it doesn't matter. Here's what I did:

Made a sauce with butter and onions in a big pan until they looked different than when they went in the pan. Added some cream....then some pesto...then more cream...then more pesto. Brought it to a boil then back down again. Oh....and there was Parmesan cheese in the sauce too. And tomatoes....forgot about the tomatoes.

An entire package of Angel Hair later and voila! My latest culinary success. Not bad for an idiot.