Just a few items of Moose-worthy music news to report:

INXS Honoring the Late Michael Hutchence with Modern Talent

INXS is releasing a new album featuring rerecordings of some of their classic songs, sung by many Moose artists. Original Sin is due out in the States on January 11th and will feature John Mayer, Rob Thomas, Train's Pat Monahan and Ben Harper (set to recreate the classic INXS ballad "Never Tear Us Apart"). I'm more than a little interested to hear that!

Drive-By Truckers Set to Release Another New Album Less Than A Year Later

The Drive-By Truckers are releasing another new album on February 15th. Go-Go Boots was recorded during the same sessions as The Big To-Do (the band's previous release). "We recorded nearly 40 songs last year and into this year, and fairly early on divided it into two separate albums", singer and guitarist Patterson Hood explained. The album will also be accompanied by a documentary, The Secret to a Happy Ending.

Phil Collins Last Album Will be a Lifelong Ambition

Due to recent health woes, 59 yr-old music legend Phil Collins is planning his retirement. He just had to make one last record first. He swears that Going Back, a new 18-track album of reproduced soul classics, is his last. Collins said this was always something he wanted to do, adding "I wanted to try and make the songs sound almost the same as they were done originally, and sing the songs that I never got a chance to." He insisted on playing keyboards and drums on the new album himself (out now).

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