Montana State University Police issued a warning today about a phone scam targeting MSU students.

Six MSU students reported the scam within a few hours today, according to university police.

The scammers are predominantly calling foreign students on the MSU campus. The caller claims to be an officer with either the Missoula or Bozeman police department. The caller then tells the student that there is a warrant for his or her arrest and that the student must pay a fine immediately – and electronically – or they will be arrested by the Bozeman or Missoula Police Department.

MSU students instruct any students who receive such a call to not transfer any funds and call the MSU Police Department immediately at (406) 994-2121.

“MSU Police do not conduct business this way,” MSU Police Chief Robert Putzke said. “Any students receiving such a call should not share any personal or financial information with the caller and should call legitimate law enforcement immediately.”

The scam is particularly devious because the caller ID on victims’ telephones shows the Bozeman and Missoula Police Department’s name and number, according to MSU police.

Last fall, MSU students were similarly targeted, Putzke said.

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