Muse have been hard at work on their follow-up to 2009′s ‘The Resistance.’ The band has now released a trailer for their new album ‘The 2nd Law,’ and it’s not exactly what we were expecting.

As reported by NME, the trailer pieces together a string of news clips about the global economy, rising fuel costs and other negative topics. The trailer plays out like a Michael Bay ‘Transformers’ film, complete with a high-adrenaline orchestral score and rapid, jerky camera work. All of a sudden, the video cuts to what looks like Megatron’s nerdy half-brother, and we are hit with a full-fledged dubstep song. The end of the trailer tells us that ‘The 2nd Law’ will be released this September.

To say the dubstep track was an unexpected turn is an understatement. NME reports that fans on Twitter were divided on how they felt about the new direction Muse are apparently taking.

Not many details were available before the trailer for ‘The 2nd Law’ came out. We know that Muse are in London recording the album and have brought in a brass section to be featured on the disc. They’re also collaborating with composer David Campbell on an orchestral score, who has worked with the likes of Radiohead and U2. In the end, the dubstep aspect could just be a small portion of ‘The 2nd Law.’

Watch Muse’s ‘The 2nd Law’ Trailer

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