I don't care what that says about me. But when my world isn't right, there is no person or thing that makes me feel better than a Pickle Barrel sandwich. No joke.

Most of the time I can barely make a dent in half a mushroom steak sandwich, but a few delectable bites will do. The amount of normalcy that somehow fills my immediate world is uncanny. It's a SANDWICH.

Hell, it's not even the most attractive looking sandwich but anyone from Bozeman knows exactly what I'm talking about. Pickle Barrel tastes like home to me. It tastes like Bozeman. It tastes like my college years. It never fails to make the day a little better.

Lovers of Pickle Barrel sandwiches know that their friends that don't live around here anymore still remember their favorite sandwich. A Bobcat Special, the Beachcomber, a Dragon Slayer or a Ken's Special. Doesn't matter.

You can be certain I send a picture text to my old Bozeman friends who don't live here anymore with a "Guess what I'm having for lunch...." message. With as many excellent restaurants we have here, few can garner the envy of a Pickle Barrel sandwich.

So, the moral of the story is...when you're having a crappy day, do whatever makes you feel better. Even if that's as simple as ordering your favorite sandwich. Life is too short to worry about how many calories are in a mushroom steak sandwich, drenched in melted cheese. I can't finish it in one sitting anyway so consider it two meals.

Thank you, Pickle Barrel, for all you do. Y'all work super hard, you're a Bozeman institution and your delivery is the quickest in town. I for one appreciate you, and know that you make my crappy days a bit better.

Michelle Wolfe
Michelle Wolfe

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