How about a game to keep the kids entertained on a road trip AND to help out your fellow oblivious drivers? I'll consider this blog my poor-man's patent for this million dollar idea.

This is such a simple idea: it's basically a flip-book of short statements to other drivers. All polite statements, of course.

How often do you find yourself driving behind someone with a tail light out, or one of their brake lights isn't working? There's nothing that pains me more than to not be able to let them know.

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How about a flip-book of possible ailments that you could flash to other drivers when you pass them or pull up next to them at an intersection????

Sure, it would be best to have a passenger in YOUR vehicle to do the holding up of the flash cards. No need for you to take your hands off the wheel or the road. (Tail light is out. You've got a head light out. Your car is leaking something. You've got a low back tire....the possibilities are endless.

When you Google such a thing, all you find are flash cards for driving tests and road signs to a game for kids. THIS is idea that I'm talking about is meant to be helpful to other drivers AND could keep the young ones somewhat entertained.

Sure, lots of newer cars give the driver some sort of prompt that they have a light out but the vast majority do not have such a feature. In addition, very few people do a regular check of their lights and turn signals in their driveway before hitting the road.

Considering that a blown tail light or a non-functioning headlight can get you pulled over, it seems to me that a flip-book like this might actually fly. And what's the worst that can happen? The other driver blows you off or gives you the international sign for peace? At least YOU tried to do the right thing! :-)

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