Now I'm not a Tweeter, I've never even checked out Twitter's website. That's one social networking tool I don't want to explore. It just seems way too self-indulgent to me. I mean if I was a celebrity I guess I could see the benefits in it. If thousands or millions of people cared about any random thought that popped into my head then I could probably use that to my advantage.

I came across some tweets from Weird Al Yankovic recently though that made me laugh. I totally LOL'd or something like that. Following comedians on Twitter, now that seems like a good idea. I don't want to know how brilliant Kanye West thinks he is but I do want some constructed jokes.

I've always thought Weird Al was a brilliant comic and now he can continue to mock pop culture through Twitter if no one wants to hear his songs anymore (for the record I do). Here's a recent Tweet from Weird Al that made me laugh:

"Hold On...the cryogenically frozen disembodied head of baseball great Ted Williams is now a homeless YouTube singing sensation??"

That's just funny. For the women and small children who think of the homeless man with a golden voice when you hear the name Ted Williams, Ted Williams is more importantly one of the greatest baseball players of all time (I'm a Yankee fan but hey, the guy batted over .400 in a season). He also had a dying wish to freeze and preserve his body in case future scientific developments could bring him back to life (a la Austin Powers). His kids carried out that wish and I think his head was decapitated and frozen seperately.

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