Shred your useless college degree — or stop going to college altogether — and start hitting the liquor cabinet. It's sound advice. A New York City bartender said she made $96,000 last year while bartending at a luxury hotel. Sarah Speros claimed the starting wage at her hotel is $26 per hour, plus tips, insurance, holiday pay and overtime.

Amazing. Maybe it's time you practiced your martini shaking? The cost of living in New York City is incredibly high, so Speros' salary is relative, but still very good for her industry. Bartender wages vary greatly based on clientele, location and experience. If you're pouring $1 drafts at a place with one working light bulb, you may fall short of $96K.

Speros said that she, like a zillion others, came to New York hoping to act, but she didn't land many roles. She entered the service industry to pay the bills. More than a few liberal arts majors may have already learned the same lesson. Service industry jobs like waitressing and bartending can be much more lucrative than, say, dressing as a burrito and hoping to get a callback after sending out your 237th resume.

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