You knew it was just a matter of time before Bozeman had one we do. Just do some homework for me, OK?

Organized by Political Science students at Montana State University, folks who would like to participate in the Occupy Bozeman event will gather at Montana Hall on the MSU campus at Noon this Friday 10/14. They'll then march down to the courthouse, downtown.

Now I'm all for people getting together and being genuinely pissed off about certain things, but my fear about this occupy Wall Street movement is that very few actually understand what the hell they're there for.

I recommend that you take a minute to read this article from ADbusters  before you leap into the garage with some Sharpies to make your signs. (Don't get me wrong....I'm behind you 100% as long as you know what the hell you're trying to demonstrate. Heck, I'm an MSU Political Science graduate too.)

For a LITTLE more information, you can check out the Occupy Bozeman Facebook Page here but apparently it got hacked and deleted for a spell.

To see what's happening LIVE in New York watch the stream below

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at